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Since 1965, Colorado Video has been creating unique video instrumentation to help you get the job done right. Leaders in aerospace, construction, biomedical, broadcasting, and dozens of more industries rely on Colorado Video products for their processes.

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Road Marking

Colorado Video's cross hair generators are used by road crews across the continent in highway and road stiping.  Installing the unit allows your technician to monitor the quality of his work as he paints.

Our units are specifically designed with 12VDC power input, so that they may be installed without hassle.  Our more advanced models even allow you to tilt the cross hairs, so that adjustment for shifts in truck weight is easy as a turn of a knob.

For projects that require precise measurement, the biomedical device industry relies on Colorado Video's Video Calipers.  Measure your subjects in real time via a live video feed, now available in high definition for clarity, with easy on-screen controls and a clean user-interface.

Process Monitoring

Whether for safety, security, or process control, our Video Screen Splitters will help you monitor the situation live.  Used in several industries to aid the oversight of manufacturing, our Screen Splitters offer many different functionalities and price points, so that you can find the one that you need!

Colorado Video's Video Scan Reversers have been a staple of broadcasting for over a decade. By reversing the image of a monitor, your live talent can see themselves as if in a mirror, allowing them to adjust and react to their environment naturally while addressing your audience.

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