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Colorado Video is a privately held company in Boulder, Colorado. Since its founding in 1965, it has pioneered the development of unique video instrumentation and communications equipment. As both a manufacturing and research firm, it has an extensive line of catalog items as well as an ability to provide custom designs for special requirements. Our friendly staff has an unparalled depth of experience in the application of video technology in science, industry, and government.

Colorado Video serves a diverse set of markets, including: video inspection systems, video test equipment, machine vision systems, surveillance & security, video image equipment, television broadcast equipment, microscopy, blood vessel dimension measurement, manufacturing pick & place equipment, robotic assembly vision, remote site monitoring, construction site monitoring, courtroom video systems, and highway line striping video systems, just to name a few.

Catalog products include instruments for measuring dimensions, intensity, and position. Crosshair, crossline and box generators superimpose reference marks or targets onto real-time video displays. We have a line of video circle generators as well. A specialty of the company is its line of stand-alone video frame stores which are used in many research and inspection applications. These products are integrated into systems for video microscopy, industrial quality control, image modification, low light level television, and scan conversion.
Other lines of products include our video screen splitter, our video mixer, dissolver, our video mirror, scan reverser, flip, or invert, our video chromakey, our video false colorizer, color synthesizer, our picture in picture (pip) system, our video peak value store, our video subtractor or comparator, our video noise filter, and our video sync separator.
Most products are available for operation at different television standards as well as for use with 50 Hertz, 220 Volt power sources. In addition to catalog products, Colorado Video designs customized equipment to meet OEM and end user requirements. We specialize in prototype design and small production runs and welcome the opportunity to discuss your video requirements.
Users of our equipment include: IBM, NASA, GE, DOD, Boeing, Lockheed, Martin-Marietta, Polaroid, Raytheon, Disney, Sandia National Labs, LTV, US Navy, Major Universities, and hundreds of other companies and institutions throughout the world.

Administrative: 539 W. Commerce St, #7878, Dallas TX 75208 USA   
Shipping: 5101 Saint Vrain Rd, Longmont, CO 80503 USA

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