DVI-D, HD-SDI or VGA (Component)
High Definition Video Micrometer - Protractor

Measure Dimensions and Angles in a High-Definition Video Image

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  • Measure Dimensions
  •     Horizontal
  •     Vertical
  •     Diagonal
  •     Point-to-Point
  •     Stores 4 Different Calibrations
  •     Handles 16 x 9, 4 x 3, and Other Picture Aspect Ratios
  •     Handles Square or Rectangular Pixel Formats
  • Measure Angles
  •     Angle Between Two Cursors.
  •     Vertex On- or Off-Screen
  • Measurement Cursors
  •     Choice of Colors
  •     Adjustable Cursor-Line Width
  •     Adjustable Cursor-Line Intensity/Transparancy
  •     Adjustable Line Shadowing
  • Measurement Display
  •     On-Screen
  •     Choice of Measurement Units
  •     Automatic Conversion Between Measurement Units
  •     Adjustable Display Size and Position
  • On-Screen Menu
  •     Accesses All Functions
  •     Adjustable Menu Size and Position
  •     Friendly Icons and Terminology Easily Navigated

The Model 309 Series Hi-Def Video Micrometer/Protractor enables an operator to perform horizontal (X), vertical (Y), diagonal, point-to-point, and angle measurements. Separate X-axis and Y-axis calibration is available, but not mandatory, to assure accuracy for systems using rectangular pixels or anamorphic optics. Four separate calibrations can be stored and retrieved for multiple measurement setups.

The Hi-Def Video Micrometer & Protractor, Video Caliper, Video Scaler, Video Based Image Measurement - Protractor Device, for video image measurement and video marking, provides the means to take horizontal, vertical, and diagonal, dimensionsal measurements of objects or measure angles in a real-time video image.

The Video Caliper, Video Micrometer, Video Scaler, Video Based Image Measurement Device, Video Inspection Instrument superimposes two vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, cursor lines, or two cursor points onto the video display. The user can adjust the position and rotation of these cursors by means of front panel controls. In most modes, one control sets the distance or angle between the cursors by moving one cursor only. The second control moves both cursors across the screen while maintaining the distance and angle between them. This arrangement allows comparison of objects across the image without disturbing the relationship between the cursors. An on-screen display, of adjustable size and position indicates the measurement in a variety of selectable units. The cursors can be individually set to a variety of colors, and provide adjustable width and intensity/transparancy.

Four separate dimensional calibrations can be stored for easy recall and use. Units are automatically converted in order to preserve calibration if they are changed. For instance, calibration can be made in inches and readings taken in centimeters. Calibration or calibration reselection must be made any time the optics or distance between the image sensor and the object under scrutiny change.

Power input requirement is 5 VDC at at less than 1 Amp. A UL listed AC adapter is included.

Hi-Def Horizontal Dimension Measurement Between Two Vertical Cursors Hi-Def Point to Point Distance Measurement Hi-Def Point to Point Distance Measurement
Horizontal Measurement Between Two Vertical Cursor Lines.
  • Distance Measurements can be made in any direction
Diagonal Measurement Between Two Cursor Points
Angle Measurement Between Two Cursor Lines
  • Cursor Color Menu: Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, and Magenta.
  • Cursor Line Width and Cursor Point Size adjustable from 1/4 to 10 pixels.
  • Adjustable Cursor Intensity/Transparancy
  • On-Screen Dimension and Menu Windows Adjustable for Size and Position

When connecting the DD309CS Hi-Def Video micrometer to an HDMI-licensed device, we recommend using an Adapter or 6 foot Male DVI to Male HDMI Cable..

PDF Manual Specifications Online Ordering & Prices

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