High Definition
Video Frame Averaging Noise Reduction System
DVI-D, HD-SDI In/DVI-D Out, or VGA (Component) - 449 Series

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    The Colorado Video Model 449 SeriesDynamic High Definition Video Noise Filter / Reduction System or High Definition Noise Reducer can average and therefore filter or reduce dynamic video noise (like "snow" or "static") out of a hi-def video signal by essentially averaging frames over time. This type of video noise filtering or reduction is best suited for signals with rapidly changing noise in pictures of relatively static (unchanging) subjects.

    The Model 449 Dynamic Video Noise Filter provides a running quasi-average, or temporal filtering, of the video signal at its input. More precisely, the value for any given pixel in the unit's output is determined by the equation:

    Dynamic Video Noise Reduction, Video Noise 

    where Pn is the value of the pixel in the current output frame, Pi is the value of the pixel in the current input frame, Pn-1 is the value of the pixel in the previous output frame, and t is a user selected time constant. This equation is solved for each pixel at the full input video frame rate. As the user selects larger values for t, the exponentially decaying influence of a given pixel's value in a particular input frame will persist over a longer period of time in subsequent output frames. The Model 449 Series allows filtering of 1x to 32,768x (in steps of powers of two), on a running basis.

    When connecting the DD449CS Hi-Def High Definition Video Frame Averaging Noise Reduction System to an HDMI-licensed device, we recommend using a 6 foot Male DVI to Male HDMI Cable or Adapter.

    Freeze Frame
    The output signal can be frozen for continuous display and the filtering function halted.

    The Model 449 Video Noise Reducer automatically detects the video input resolution and provides the same resolution at the output.


    • Available for DVI-D, HD-SDI Input, or VGA (Component Analog RGB or YUV) Video; Specify when ordering
    • Hi-Def Video Output can be frozen
    • Live Input can be viewed without averaging
    • Averaging can be reset and restarted at any time

    Specifications Online Ordering & Prices
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