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Monitor, Combine, Split or Automate Security Camera Surveillance
Pictures or images from two security cameras can be combined or split on one video screen.
     Security or Surveillance Camera Splitter
Multiplex or combine pictures from two security cameras into one signal, eliminating a second video cable or RF radio channel.
     Combine Security Camera Pictures or Images
Automated surveillance - Any change occurring in a video picture triggers an alarm.
     Automated Surveillance, Detect Changes in a Video Picture
Monitor motion between video images.
     Monitor or compare motion on surveillance video

Video Inspection Systems    
Quickly Scan Fiber Optic Cable, Any Cabling for Markings
     Scan Fiber Optic Cables, Any Cabling via Video     
Scan Sewer Pipe for Markings with a Video Frame Grabber
     Scan Sewer Pipe via video     
Video pipeline inspection
     Pipeline video inspection     
Video Inspection System to reverse, mirror, flip or rotate video images
     Reverse, Mirror, Flip or Rotate video images for video inspection     
Check concentricity of discs or cable cross sections
     Check disc concentricity or cable cross section concentricity     
Compare video images for inspection, registration, interferometry & quality control changes
     Compare video images for inspection, registration, interferometry & quality control  

Correcting Mirror Imaging During Laparoscopy    
Image Converter Eliminates Mirror Imaging During Laparoscopy
     Reverse Mirror Imaging During Laparoscopy - Video Scan Reverser     

Bird Watching, Flight Path Motion Analysis    
Capture entire bird flight path & analyze motion
     Bird Watching - Flight Motion Analysis - Video Peak Store

Mode shape analysis using a commercially available "peak store" video frame buffer
Time exposure photography, sometimes coupled with strobe illumination, is an accepted method for motion analysis that bypasses frame by frame analysis and re synthesis of data. Garden variety video cameras can now exploit this technique using a unique frame buffer that is a non integrating memory that compares incoming data with that already stored. The device continuously outputs an analog video signal of the stored contents which can then be redigitized and analyzed using conventional equipment.
     Mode shape analysis using a Video Peak Store Frame Buffer

Converting an RGB Signal to RGBS
RGB Video frequently includes composite sync in the Green channel, called "Sync on Green". If you need RGBS, where the sync signal is carried on a fourth cable, our Video Sync Separator, Model 315E can help.
     Convert RGB Signal to RGBS, using a Video Sync Separator

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