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April 2013. Colorado Video now offers a selection of High Definition Equipment, featuring a new look and chassis. A variety of functions, for both VGA (Component) and DVI-D video, are now available with these additions:

Colorado Video Introduces New Video Tilted Line Generator

July 2007. The Model 621 slanted, tilted or angled video line generator can superimpose or overlay horizontal lines and tiltable vertical lines onto a real-time video signal. The user can adjust the position of all lines and the tilt, slant, angle or slope of the vertical lines by means of front panel controls. The user can set the angle of the lines to be 45 degrees, or any other line angle desired. Switch settings allow the user to set the superimposed or overlayed lines to White, Black, or Off, dashed or solid lines, and one or two Horizontal & Vertical line sets.

    Single Vertical & Horizontal Video Cross Hair (Cross Hair) Generator Dual Dashed Line Video Cross Hair (Cross Hair) Generator Dual Solid Line Video Cross Hair (Cross Hair) Generator Single Dashed Vertical & Horizontal Video Cross Hair (Cross Hair) Generator Dual Slanted, Tilted, Angled or Sloped Video Cross Hair (Cross Hair) Generator
Some possible line patterns generated by the Model 621 Video Tilted Line Geenerator.

Colorado Video Introduces New False Colorizer

July 2005. Colorado Video has introduced a new color synthesizer that adds color to monochrome video based on its grayscale.

Add Synthetic Color to Your Monochrome Video!

Humans like color and it aids their perception of features and objects.

Monospectral infrared and x-ray images reveal features not seen with normal visual wavelenghts. But since these wavelenghts are outside our perception, they are presented in black & white video. The Model 606S adds color to an image, in real time, based on its grayscale. Details in otherwise monchrome satellite weather, night vision, or IR pictures are more easily seen with color added by this new unit from Colorado Video.

Colorado Video, founded in 1965, has pioneered the development of unique video instrumentation and communications equipment. As both a manufacturing and research firm, it has an extensive line of catalog items as well as an ability to provide custom designs for special requirements.

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